Age: 37
Label: Fat Possum Records
From: Brooklyn, NY
Active Since: 1993
Twitter: @therealelp
Career Highlights: Co-founder, owner, and CEO of Definitive Jux record label, his solo debut album Fantastic Damage gained critical acclaim after his years and rise with Company Flow, contributed as producer and guest vocalist on a number of albums for artists including Aesop Rock, Murs, and Atmosphere.

For a time it seemed like El-P was shaping the course of underground hip-hop. When he released the classic Funcrusher Plus with Company Flow, it repainted hip-hop in a dystopian landscape filled with dope production and even doper rhymes. Then, he became one of the leaders of the underground movement when he founded the legendary Def Jux label. Def Jux is long gone and Rawkus Records is no more, but what we have is a dope emcee/producer that's still packing that heat. Cancer 4 Cure is proof.