Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic
Producer: Kenoe

For all of its hit singles and impressive sales, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will go down in history as a confused and extremely divisive effort, mostly because of its overbearing pop ambitions. The notion that Nicki Minaj "sold out" even caused her to cancel a headlining Summer Jam performance in June, and while you can argue that more artists should take the type of risks Nicki does on her sophomore album, purists aren't hearing that.

BUT, there is one song that no one could deny, and that's "Beez In The Trap." Nicki delivers the catchiest chorus on her LP, 2 Chainz knocks it out of the park with a scene-stealing guest verse, and Nicki makes listing off geographic locations more fun than it ever was in school. Wherever you stand on Nicki Minaj's recent career decisions, this is the record that everyone can agree on. Unity!