Two weeks back, Complex published a list of the 30 Best Rappers In Their 30s. The list created a wave of controversy, with rappers like Joe Budden, Young Jeezy, and Big Boi publicly disagreeing with their placements on the list on Twitter. Comedy duo It's The Real even teamed up with Slaughterhouse and got the group to humorously vent about the countdown.

Beyond rappers on the list, our readers had a lot to say, too. One of the people who tweeted about the rankings was none other than Beats By Dre social media manager, hip-hop talking head, and Lil Wayne associate Karen Civil. In the name of keeping things fair and balanced, we hit her up, asked her to make her own list, and she happily obliged. Although she picked many of the same rappers we did, she went with a very different order. Continue reading for the full response, with her personal commentary on (almost) every selection.