Producer: Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins

Album: Never Say Never

Label: Atlantic

“That was an interesting method. It was much different than ‘The Boy is Mine,’ but it was still produced by Rodney Jerkins. We were just trying different things and what we were trying was working. We just thought that Ma$e would be perfect for the record, and it kinda sounded like a little bit like Bad Boy mixed with what Rodney and I was doing. It just worked.

“We were in the zone, Rodney and I, in that era. I miss that zone... I miss the ‘90s too, but I don’t wanna go back [laughs].

“I loved Bad Boy. I loved the Ma$e records, I loved the Biggie records, I loved Total, I loved Faith, everything they were doing. I had everybody’s album. Then I’m a hip-hop head, so I loved all of that stuff. It was a movement, it was a force, and I was just so happy to work with Ma$e and get a shoutout in one of Biggie’s songs. I felt like I was on top of the world when Biggie said my name in one of his songs [‘Another’ f/ Lil Kim]. I was like, ‘Yes honey, I’m hot.’

“I felt so good about myself because Biggie was like the hottest artist ever. It was great, and again I’m a fan, so to be around all of it... these were great, great artists. Puffy did his thing.”