Twitter: @GrandeMarshall
 Philadelphia, PA
Essential Listening:
We’re still waiting on 800, so visit his Soundcloud page

Remember this guy? He was added to the Trillectro bill after people campaigned for him, and once you experience his live show, you’ll see why folks are impatiently waiting for 800 to drop. Wise beyond his years, GrandeMarshall is difficult to categorize. In an era (and medium) where everyone wants to label everything, it’s damn near impossible to group this dude in with anyone and it’s perfect.

Still in his teens, GrandeMarshall rhymes for kids sitting in their college classrooms drawing masterpieces while their professor rambles on about nothing, for the loud-ass kids on the train that you can’t help but laugh hysterically at and for the dudes puttin’ work in on the corners. He’s in his own world, and totally cool with you not understanding that. You gotta love that youthful indifference.

Able to switch up his flow and energy depending on the track, he can take you to church like he does on “Dearly Beloved” or punch you in the mouth with the riot-inducing “GODBPM.” In the same vein, you can get hype to the hilarious “E&J” or zone out to the trippy “Robert Earl.” Oh, and his Twitter account is hilarious, so hit that up to get a preview of what Saturday will offer.