The Themes of Vision and Light in His Music

Ab-Soul: “There's a lot of irony [that I make songs like ‘Illuminate’] but I’m sensitive to light. I probably have a desire to be able to look directly into the light because I can't. And then you think about the light and being enlightened, and what that means. I definitely like to do that. So just making all the connections with different words and where you want to see yourself. You've got to see it first.

"Any business plan or strategy that you may have you want to sit back and think about it. You want to see it through first before you do it. You want to see it being possible, you want to see all the possible outcomes. What can I do in case this happens when I get to his point? You just want to see it all the way through.

"And that's what my whole series is about: Long term. And when I did the first Long Term I knew that there would be four of them. When I did the first one. So there will be four of them: Long Term 1, 2>, 3, and 4. So right now we're at two. You'll have to wait for the next one. That’s for the next Ab-Soul interview.”