Label: Top Dawg Entertainment
Released: January 14th

If his counterpart Kendrick Lamar (the man responsible for last year's excellent Section.80) is the most calculated lyricist in recent memory, then Schoolboy Q is the most sporadic wordsmith around. Every verse on Habits and Contradictionssounds like a crazy-eyed, slightly aggravated Schoolboy hopped in the booth and just let loose.

Schoolboy has many admirable qualities but it's his voice and delivery that make him unpredictable. “You may hear me fuck with my voice,” Q told us earlier this year. “You may hear me do a two-bar pause. You may hear me do an odd 33 bars instead of 30-give you 14 bars instead of 16.”

That willingness to switch up the flow andconstantly take risks is what makes this left field gangsta so rewarding when hearing him screech phrases like, “No AC but the heater work... murrrk” and “I gets my hustle on, prostitutes and raps and all, Cra-zayy.”

In the last 18 months we've seen Top Dawg Entertainment put out Control System, Habits and Contradictions, and Section.80. And ya act like TDE don't run L.A..