Album: Category F5
Producer: Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker, No I.D.
Label: Get Money Gang/EMI Records

One of the longstanding debates in Chicago rap circles has been: Whose production makes Twista sound better, the Legendary Traxster or Kanye West? Kanye gave Twista a more commercial sound, while Trax brings that gutter West Side music out of the fastest rapper in the game.

After Kanye and Twist made a huge splash in 2004 with Yeezy’s contributions to Kamikaze, their joints together were few and far between. They had a few records here and there, but didn’t get their groove back until 2009’s “Alright.” “Alright” was a last-minute inclusion to Twista’s seventh album, Category F5. Ye was unable to complete the track in time for the initial pressing, so it was included as a digital bonus track. Unfortunately, a lot of people missed it for that reason. It stands as one of their best—if not their very best—collaborations. Plus Kanye’s verse was gnarly.