The Warped Tour has been going strong for 17 years, and Vans have been there every step of the way. As one of the classic skateboarding shoes, Vans fit right in with the early punk/metal flavor of the tour, but as the years have gone by, both shoe and tour have evolved. Vans are now a staple for everyone from hipsters to rappers, and Warped, while still rock-heavy, has broadened its base as well.

The Vans 2012 Collection allows you to bring laidback California style with you wherever you go, and with upcoming Warped stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, a little dash of the West Coast might not be the worst thing. This Vans collection goes beyond the classic profiles into some new territory, with both mid and low-rise looks for every occasion. Don't worry, though—Vans are still the perfect kicks for the mosh pit. For a look at some highlights of the 2012 collection, scroll through the gallery above.

If you still need your tickets to the Vans Warped Tour, then you might want to hook up with truth, who is also hitting road this summer. They'll be setting up shop at each Vans Warped Tour destination to celebrate the Tobacco Doomsday. To learn more, and to enter for tickets to join in the party at Vans Warped Tour, go to