Label: 4AD
Released: June 13th

There are some contradictions present in Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp. The album's production is dark, but it isn't uninviting as it sucks you in like a black hole. SpaceGhostPurrp (as well as his Raider Klan collective) remains mysterious even though he's giving nothing but the real in this debut. Mysterious Phonk doesn't seek to entertain as much as it looks to grip-even asphyxiate.

But by the end, the listener is going to come back for more of this summer essential. The steely drums and sound effects straight out of the '90s add to the eerie instrumentals, which are some of the best of the year. SpaceGhostPurrp's world-weary presence makes just as much of an impact.

On "Get Yah Head Bust he ruthlessly raps "Black burner leave your head rust/Don't get your head bust." He later gets depressingly informative on "The Black God," spitting lines like "Apocalypse eclipse put the whole world to fate." As pessimistic as it seems, SpaceGhostPurrp is just talking about the world as he sees it.