Label: N/A
Released: April 2nd

Fans of The Internet's Purple Naked Ladies will certainly enjoy their work on Kilo Kish's self-released nine-track EP, which scored the FIT senior a write-up in The Village Voice. Musically, the album's jazzy grooves pick up where The Internet's album left off. Serene and soothing, Kilo's voice floats along, existing right in the middle of beat.

This New York MC's delivery is harrowingly original—she's less of a rapper, in fact, than a spoken word poet, except not nearly as boring. On “Roman Reloaded," Nicki taunted female rappers saying, “You in the booth, but I be who you channeling.” And while that's certainly true of nearly every new female rapper we hear these days—and there's a lot—we can thankfully exempt the one-of-a-kind Kilo Kish.