Label: Williams Street
Released: May 15th

Killer Mike and El-P might be on separate ends of the rap spectrum, but their unexpected collaboration is a triumphant one. Mike's southern drawl floats viciously over El-P's synth-heavy beats, smartly outfitted with fresh drum patterns, providing the perfect backdrop for Mike's southern poetry. Killer Mike is at his lyrical best here, which should come as no surprise after hearing him tell the listener that he's “addicted to literature” on “Willie Burke Sherwood.”

His affinity for reading shines through in both his wordplay and his content, whether it be his crusade against dirty cops on “Don't Die” or his seething critique of Reaganomics on “Reagan.” When the Atlanta bred MC tells us the closest thing he's had to a religious experience is listening to rap music, it's not hard to believe him. He and El-P have created a religious experience of their own.