Label: Decon Inc
Released: January 24th

Everyone and their plastic-bottle-buying grandma has had a toilet bowl-hugging morning with vodka. But ayahuasca? Probably not. The brew will cause you to damn near trip your balls off, something that rapper-producers Oh No and The Alchemist might possibly have experienced while crafting their sophomore album as Gangrene.

Vodka & Ayahuasca finds that unlikely middle-ground between psychedelic rock and gully hip-hop. Those two realms might seem worlds apart on paper, but Al and Oh No know damn well how to combine them in the studio. Their penchant for brain-melting beats and grimy lyrics  reaches endearing levels, if only because they sound so enthusiastic about chronicling their shit-talking endeavors.

Drugs and booze have long had a connection to music and its creation, but rarely does the end result sound this legit or engaging. Be prepared to make the scrunch face. A lot.