Label: N/A
Released: February 15th

Dark, haunting, and sometimes even spooky, Alexander Spit's Mansions is not unlike Clams Casino's Instrumentals or Araabmuzik's Electronic Dream from last year-all three transcended the label of "beat tape" and helped a producer establish their name while becoming essential works in their own right. This 42-minute instrumental suite has 28 tracks, only one of which clock in at over three minutes, so you don't have to get bored listening to the same loops over and over. With a project like this, it's a only a matter of time before rappers (Spit rhymes himself-surprise surprise) get hip to Spit's tunes and start hiring him to produce jams for them. Until then, this is the perfect tape for hip-hop heads to bump whenever hearing someone rap at them is too distracting.