Atlanta has been a hotbed for new hip-hop talent. Case in point: Mach Five, the duo consisting of A.ware and Corey Davis. While Speed Racer stans will appreciate their live fast, die young mentality, the duo has an eclectic taste that produces some trunk-rattling music. Previously, Mach Five has collaborated with Memphis maven and former Three Six Mafia member Gangsta Boo under their Ratchet Shit series. Add another standout with Danny Brown on “Molly On My Tongue,” and they show no signs of slowing down. Now we get one more major single with Taylor Gang’s Juicy J in “Skittlez.”

In proper stoner’s anthem fashion, the three slow things down and get trippy, and producer Asston Kusher gives them the proper wobbling bass to tie it all together. This will land on Mach Five’s new EP Ratchet Shit Vol. 3 dropping on June 12.

Listen: Mach Five f/ Juicy J "Skittlez"