8. Yo-Yo "IBWin' Wit My Crewin'" (1993)

Album: You Better Ask Somebody

Label: East West America/Atlantic

Producer: QD III

Peter Rosenberg:“‘You Can’t Play With My Yo-Yo’ is probably the track people identify most with her. That was really the first look at a serious, west coast female artist. No one was checking for Oaktown 357, no disrespect. And Yo-Yo’s kind of in an interesting category. She was west coast, she was kind of hard, but not over-the-top gangster, but still pretty gangster with it. She went on for a while to be pretty famous, and she popped up acting in stuff. She was a real cool character in hip-hop, and had a few good joints.

“This is just my favorite Yo-Yo song. It’s not the most well known Yo-Yo song, but if you are not familiar with it, this is my gift to you rap fans. It was just incredible. It was a B-side, and was just super-duper mean, with the horns. It had an interesting sound, and didn’t sound particularly west coast. I kind of sounded east coast. It was just super-duper hard.”