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Circle your calendars for next year Bieblers. June 19 is officially “Justin Bieber J & R Appreciation Day.”

Scott Stringer, who is the Manhattan Borough President, took it upon himself to speak on behalf of the 1.6 million residents living in the city. In front of screaming fans he announced, "So on behalf of the people of Manhattan and the power vested in me as Manhattan Borough President, I hereby declare ‘Justin Bieber J & R Appreciation Day’ in the borough of Manhattan!”

Justin Bieber was in the building to sign autographs for his new album, Believe, that hit stores on Tuesday. Once Stringer left the stage, the autograph signing mayhem commenced as elated fans couldn't wait to see their pop idol.

While some skeptics might disapprove of Stringer's appreciation of Jay Bee, he defended his announcement in an interview with Daily Intel: “[I don’t] give proclamations to people I don’t belieb in."

He added, “From a borough president perspective it's great to recognize someone who is internationally known, but who comes to launch their new album right here in Manhattan. It shows the power of this city."

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