Producer: Bruce "Grim" Rhodes
Album: Sittin' Fat Down South
Label: Short Stop Records

Lil' Troy was just one of a handful of MCs from Texas trying to break out nationally in the '90s. He did so when his song "Wanna Be A Baller" began picking up steam at radio in 1998, peaking at No. 70 on the Billboard Hot 100. Which is not exactly a high number, but it got Universal Records to pay attention to the independent artist. A year later the mega-label stepped in and re-released Troy's album Sittin' Fat Down South, and it eventually went platinum. But then Troy got arrested on a drug charge and had to serve prison time. When he was released, he was embroiled in all sorts of legal drama stemming from having Scarface appear on the album without consent, and was ordered to pay the legendary rapper over $200,000.