Los Invasores de Nuevo León “Los Super Capos (The Super Capos)” (1998)

Label: (EMI Latin)

Most loco lyric: "La droga inunda sus calles, y el congreso lo sabe, Pero como es buen negocio, a los güeritos les vale."

Translation: "Drugs are flooding their streets, and congress knows it/But since it is good business, the little white guys couldn’t care less."

One of the few narcocorridos to deal with an event familiar to Anglos, this was Paulino Vargas’s epic of the Reagan era contra-cocaine scandal, with a dig at the U.S. government’s practice of “certifying” other countries as being sufficiently tough on drugs. “Wherever you go there’s corruption,” the lyric says, “whether it’s gringos or Mexicans.”