Taylor Swift's image of being a "good girl" goes way beyond her music, lyrics, and likeness. The chart-dominating country/pop singer-songwriter also shows up when it comes to charity, with her most recent gift being absolutely massive.

Swift donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tenn. The funds will go toward music education for those young and old, who will participate in programs in the Taylor Swift Education Center when it opens in 2014.

The donation is the second biggest in the museum's history and here's what the location's director, Kyle Young, had to say about it:

"In terms of what it will allow us to do, we do education very well now," [Young said]. "It will allow us to do what we do better, serve more people, develop new programs, and I'm happy to say that as we talked through this opportunity with Taylor, she very much wants to be involved in an advisory capacity in what we do. Is there a better person out there who's in touch with a young audience? I think not. I was joking we should be paying her to do that. I was only joking."

[via MTV]

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