Twitter: Wiki is not on Twitter but his group @RATKING_ is
Pros: Can rap for hours and hours, has complete package of visuals, sound, and overall vision.
Cons: Nasally voice can be off-putting, tendency to rap at listeners, bombarding them with a rhyme barrage.
Essential Listening: 1993

Although his 1993 project was released in late 2011, we weren't really up on Wiki until he dropped the awesome visual for his song "Wikispeaks" earlier this year. Since then we've gotten down with Wiki and his RATKING crew to talk about how they came together and where they see themselves going.

We're already convinced Wiki is a dope rapper (that is, if you love "rappity rap") we're just waiting to see how his style will evolve as time goes on and if he can write a hit song or will settle for underground king status. We should have our answer soon enough as RATKING's EP is expected to drop later this year.