A few weeks ago, we posted the video for "Wikispeaks" by 18-year-old Manhattan rapper Patrick "Wiki" Morales. At the time, we weren't sure who he was, but we knew his song was dope. Intrigued, we sought out Wiki's 1993 EP, which dropped last October and mostly went unnoticed. As it turns out, the six-song EP is nothing short of excellent.

The EP features Wiki spits endless bars with his high-pitched nasal voice that's oh so reminiscent of a young Slim Shady. However, his lyrics are probably more comparable to Buckshot and the project was in fact inspired by Cam'ron's S.D.E. The record has its own specific aesthetic that's distinctly New York and totally unlike anything else filling up blog posts today.

We had to know more so we got down with Wiki and his RATKING crew. We met up at RATKING headquarters in Harlem, New York. Though their HQ is mostly just a bachelor pad where two of the group members live, art drapes the walls and never-ending discussions about rap abound.

As it turns out, young Wiki One Eyebrow (which he calls himself in reference to his uni-brow) can wax poetic for hours about how Cam'ron never fell off, how Eminem didn't murder Jay-Z on his own shit, and how Wu-Tang Clan really ain't nothing to fuck with

Most of Wiki's rap discussions are with fellow founding member of RATKING, producer SPORTINGLIFE, who produced all of 1993. We sat down with the RATKING crew to find out Who Is Wiki? and even got a ton of insight from SPORTINGLIFE. So click ahead and read about the New York's newest dope MC...

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)