Twitter: @BrownsvilleKa
Pros: Has a no frills style built for grown men and hardcore hip-hop fans.
Cons: Has little potential—or aspiration—for commercial material.
Essential Listening: Grief Pedigree

Coming straight outta Brownsville, Ka is a refreshingly raw artist who knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do. "I've been rhyming for over 20 years and appreciate any hip-hop fan who respects lyrics," he writes on his YouTube page. "I already know my songs are not for everyone."

Although he obviously isn't "new" per se, his name only started popping this year thanks in part to his gritty, thought-provoking, self-produced album Grief Pedigree. We're not really looking for Ka to take over the whole rap game, but he's still a dope artist to check out if you're ready for that real.