Twitter: @JoeyBADASS_
Pros: A pure spitter who uses laces multisyllablic rhymes with ease.
Cons: Have yet to hear him spit a hook.
Essential Listening: We're still waiting for him to drop his 1999 mixtape

We first caught wind of Joey Bada$$ when he suffered the unfortunate fate of having his music video reviewed by Odd Future during MTV's Rap Fix Live. Although Tyler and company didn't really offer Joey any helpful advice, they didn't really need to-Joey's video was pretty much as good as it could be.

Since then, the Bada$$ buzz has steadily building thanks in part to his affiliation with Jonny Shipes and Cinematic Music Group. Although his work so far has been impressive, the jury will still be out until he drops his much anticipated 1999 mixtape.