Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Tha Carter

In a lot of ways "Go DJ" marked the emergence of Lil Wayne as we know him today. Cash Money was in peril leading up to the release of The Carter. Juvenille and other members of the Hot Boyz had flown the Cash Money coop, leaving only Birdman, Mannie Fresh, and Wayne to hold down the home team. After entertaining solo offers from other labels, Weezy decided to stick with Cash Money and become the main star on the roster.

Feeling like the throne was ripe for the taking on the heels of Jay-Z's "retirement," Weezy came out swinging and let the world know he meant business. His relentless energy mixed with Mannie Fresh's percolating production and brought forth a track that would serve as his most successful until the release of "Lollipop."