Kanye West is apparently taking his time shooting his new film. Supposedly, ‘Ye is expected to debut a 30-minute film next month for the Cannes Film Festival in France. He has yet to shoot a single scene.

Despite the fact that he is putting a little bit of pressure on himself, a source close to West notes that he is “producing, writing, scoring and directing” the secret project. It will most likely be a “thriller” with G.O.O.D. Music’s own Kid Cudi having a major role.

The insider revealed that West will continue piecing together the mini-film to show on the Croisette. The source also says “he’s going all out” and intends to “make a spectacle” for the international audience. However, it won’t be a part of the festival’s official program.

West is already in the process of leasing an outdoor space for the film to be projected on seven screens. But if West wants to show off his masterpiece in time for the festival, he's running short on time. The event goes on between May 16 and May 27.

“That's just the way Kanye does things,” the source says. “He is already talking to the right people to make sure it happens with short notice.”

[via New York Daily News]