Biggie Wanted “Temperature’s Rising” To Be The Single

One of the great things about mid-’90s New York rap was how connected everyone was to each other. Havoc had gone to school with Nas, Schott Free was A&Ring for Mobb Deep but he was cool with Wu-Tang, and Mobb’s other A&R, Matty C, was cool with The Notorious B.I.G.

“Me and Biggie used to kick it every day and he used to always push, ‘Yo, y’all should make [‘Temperature’s Rising’] the single,’" said Matty C. "But they didn’t want to be that group that had to go that route. Biggie was an artist that was being made to take that route. True, “Temperature’s Rising” is pretty amazing, but come on, “Shook Ones” is the jam!”