Andrew W.K.: "Anywhere. It really can be done anywhere. I like house parties a great, great deal. For starters, it's a lot of conveniences and supplies that make it really easy and an ideal place to celebrate.

"You've got a lot of bathrooms or at least one bathroom if you're in a house. You have food and refrigeration. You don't need to worry about a cooler or anything like that, and you have a bed in case you want to do something in the bed. It could be sleep, it could be not sleep-oriented.

"I also like partying in cars, especially backseats. They could be driven by someone that you don't even know—a limousine-type situation. A big, big van is a very, very good place to party.

"Also, parking lots can be a great place to throw a party. You can sit in the car, get out of the car, turn the car lights on, use the stereo from the car. Then of course, nightclubs, dance clubs, concert halls—anywhere where they have the best sound and lighting systems, like Santos Party House."