In our interview with The-Dream, we asked him what artists he's working with as a Def Jam exec, and he mentioned Pusha T. When we asked what he was doing with Pusha, he answered, "the album." We had to find out more. Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

You’re personally producing for it?

Yeah. We found a little magic. We did, like eight, nine records together. It sounds really, really great. I’ve always loved him and loved the Clipse. Always been a big fan, so when the opportunity came, we did this one record called “Automatic” and it just took off from that.

What can we expect on that album? Is it nearing completion?

Yeah, Kanye will listen to it in the upcoming days and we’re going to try to decide what we need and what’s missing, which is probably like two or three records—which we probably already have. It’s at the end of that.

The Clipse is known for coke rap. Will this be a well-rounded album with other kinds of stories?

Yeah, we’ll still talk about a little coke, though. We’re going to chop up a few grams. [Laughs.] But yeah it should be a great album.

Interview: The-Dream Speaks On His New Album, Pusha T, And What Separates Him From The Weeknd and Frank Ocean