Album: Still Standing
Label: LaFace

Rico Wade: "That song came from the concept of Khujo and myself. Goodie Mob needed a single."

Mr. DJ: "Ric had the beat playing down in the Dungeon and it didn't have a beat on it, it just had this Aerosmith sample in it at first—a little part from the Aerosmith song, 'Dream On.' We sent it off and they didn't clear the sample, so we had to take all that stuff off and kind of do our own little thing. I had my drum machine, 'cause when I first started out producing, I would be with Organized in the studio. At the time I was about 17 or 18 years old. I would just go and start making beats with whatever equipment Ric had. I started making the drum pattern for 'They Don't Dance No Mo' and Ric came downstairs and was like, 'Man, that's the shit right there, that's it!' So that was how we ended up with the complete, 'They Don't Dance No Mo.' And then Ric and Khujo got together on the vocals."

Rico: "Me and 'Jo just sat down at the board one day and came up with something, where he would say something and I would imitate him. Everything Khujo would say, I would try to remember what he was saying and repeat it, cause he was freestying. So he'd be like, 'People don't dance no mo, all they do is this' and I'd repeat him. The rest is history. It only took one day to make the beat. We had a daytime vibe going."

Mr. DJ: "I stopped going to school in 11th grade because the music started getting serious and I was always with Ric, my big cousin. So we really had jobs and were really trying to pursue the music thing. So I kind of left school right when it started jumping off in '94. it might've took about 30 minutes to make the beat, sitting there playing with different sounds. But the actual recording process back then definitely took way longer because of technology. About five or six hours to actually track it out because that was back when they had two-inch, when we were using tape. Khujo was the first Goodie Mob member to come by the Dungeon to hear it."