Album: New World Order
Label: Warner Bros.

Rico Wade: "We had rented Curtis's house one time—it has a studio in it, and we were working with Curtis's son and his engineer. One day they both were like, 'Curtis called and said he wants you to do something for him.' Curtis had told them, 'Ask [Organized Noize] if they wouldn't mind giving me a couple of songs.' This song was Sleepy's opportunity. It was something he personally wrote, and I was proud of him. I've met Curtis too, but he was in the wheelchair. I met him a couple of times. It was a relief when I did meet him, because he liked the song. I'm glad I got his blessing. After [OutKast's] 'Players Ball' everybody would tell us, 'Y'all got the Curtis vibe,' even though we knew that wasn't what we were totally on, but it still felt good that people felt like our music was good like Curtis Mayfield. Working on that song [“Ms. Martha”] was awesome."

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