Album: Idlewild
Label: LaFace/Zomba

Rico Wade: "We hadn't spoken to OutKast in a minute, but [Jive Records CEO] Barry Weiss called us one day and was like, 'I really need OutKast to rap.' So we called up Andre while he was in New York doing something with Nile Rogers. When he answered, we were like, 'Yo, they really want y'all to do a rap song for Idlewild.' And he said, 'Soon as I get back, just send me some beats and I'm going to get it done.'

"So when he got back, we came up with some beats, and went to the studio. First beat we played was 'Mighty O' and he sat there and just wrote. Him and Big couldn't come together for the video though. But the good news is, we got a good relationship with Barry Weiss now. As far as Big and Dre dissing each other in the song, that was a rumor. I heard it too, but I didn't really think that. Big kind of thought that, but I didn't think Dre was doing that."

Ray Murray: "I think that after Idlewild, they both were humbled, in the sense of like, 'People don't like us? People don't feel we're dope?'"

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