Album: Big Boi Presents...Got Purp?, Vol. 2
Label: Purple Ribbon/Virgin

Rico Wade: "This was an old Goodie Mob song that we did for the first Goodie Mob album, Soul Food. It was a song that was never used. That song was a part of the first five songs we made for Goodie Mob that didn't make the album. Big had requested the song; he asked what we were doing with it. The other unused songs were 'Hold On,' 'Holla At You,' 'Snappin,' and 'Lay Back.' We wound up keeping 'Cell Therapy,' and we used 'Blood' for a performance. Goodie rapped 'Blood' over the Society of Soul 'Embrace' beat when they opened up for Biggie Smalls once. But 'Hold On' was just long and didn't fit the commercial format, so we had to scrap it. Labels always want everything commercial."