Album: Nivea
Label: Jive International

Rico Wade: "Organized Noize is the reason why Nivea got a deal. We did her first single, 'Radio'—we actually did her whole album. But the label only used one or two of our songs. Either way, we set Nivea off, but her manager at the time fucked up. She had a manager who had brought her to us but the song that got her a deal was when we was working with her. She did background vocals on this song we did for Kurupt called 'Tequila.' She was also on one of Cool Breeze songs—she was on a lot of stuff. This is all before she was with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne loved her because she had money already. He was staying at her house in Atlanta after she got her deal. One of the reasons why he liked her is because she was used to being around niggas. She worked with us when she was between 17 or 18. When she first went to her prom she came by the studio to take pictures. She's like a little sister to us."