Album: EV3 / Set It Off [soundtrack]
Label: EastWest

Rico Wade: "Originally, we were writing that song for Mick Jagger and Andrea Martin. Sylvia Rhone sent Andrea to Atlanta to work with us. She's a songwriter [known for writing songs like 'Better In Time' for Leona Lewis and 'I Love Me Some Him' for Toni Braxton]. Because 'Don't Let Go' was supposed to have been for Mick Jagger, that's why the vibe was like that—real rock sounding. But since we needed a record for En Vogue [for the Set It Off soundtrack], Sylvia just made it an En Vogue record. We were in a situation where we were working on the whole Set it Off soundtrack ourselves, so we were in the studio just writing for everybody. Andrea Martin's lyrics, though, is what made the record pop."