How would you describe your style?

Musically, I’ll describe it as what you go through day-to-day. When you first start, and I feel like everybody goes through this, you try to read books and come up with the best words and lyrics or take in whatever you see. Then you get to a certain stage in your life you want to make music that you want people to feel like, "Damn, I just went through that!" That’s how I put my music. I want people to listen to it and be like, "Damn, that’s how I’m feeling today." When you wake up feeling like this, you throw on this song. That’s how I make my music—by what I’m going through or how I’m feeling.

OK, that's your music. What about your personal style?

My personal style is inspired by motivation. I motivate myself to get [the things I want] so that’ll motivate you to get what you trying to get. I feel like you should try the best of the best, get the best of the best, and do the best you can do. That’s how I put it out there. I want for you to see me in the hottest car they made, the flyest clothes they made, with the singer/actress—you know, the good things in life.

We hear you have a closet full of minks. Where does that infatuation come from?

I love them. I’m African—King Jaffe Joe [Laughs.]! Since I been doing it, I see a lot of rappers are trying to bring them back. Stop swagger-jacking!