Danny Brown: “With XXX, I knew what I was gonna do before I did it. It was like I wrote all the songs from January to March and I started recording and they was done by August. It wasn’t really a hard process because I’ve been doing this a long time. I think XXX was the first time I was seasoned in making music. I found myself musically and what I wanna do with my music.

“[Since its release] people recognize what I already knew, so it’s not really like a big deal to me. If people like, ‘He’s crazy!’ I already knew that my whole life. I already been wanting to do this shit. To me this feels like the tip of the iceberg. This ain’t nowhere close to what I’m gonna do musically. To me it’s just another step to get to the top.

“I wasn’t on a timeline. I wasn’t never tripping on [being 30]. I would still do this whether I was talking to you or not. The whole point of why it took so long [for me to pop off] is like before the Internet you couldn’t get in this hip-hop shit. You really gotta blame hip-hop. You can’t blame me because I been dope. So you really gotta blame the hip-hop business.”