A$AP Ant

Real Name: Adam Kirkman

Age: 18

Twitter: @ygAddie

From: "I was born in Baltimore, but I've got people in New York. I've been up and down the East Coast for most of my life."

Known For: His clothing line Marino, online releases like "Coke and White Bitches"

How He Met A$AP Rocky: “I met him through Yams. I've been known Yams, and I met Rocky two years ago at the 40 Oz Bounce. He was like, 'I fuck with the Marino shit.' So we used to talk through Facebook. He'd be like, 'Yo, I want some shirts. I want to support it. I want a way to get each other out there, and you do the same with me. We'll help each other out.' It was genuine respect and love.”

Role In A$AP: "A rapper still getting myself out there. I'm playing my position so when my time comes people know who I am."

Before The Fame: “I was always a popular, get fly, fuck all the bitches, know all the niggas dude during school. I used to sell weed. That shit is wack. Fuck all that. I'm trying to get money in a legal way.”

Since The Fame: "Meeting so many people that we're no longer starstruck: Juicy J, Dame Dash, Ski Beatz. It's been crazy. Shorties that weren't hitting me up are hitting my phone now like they miss me."

On Fashion: “I got some Dior jeans. I've got some Raf's, but I really don't look at brands. If I'm at the mall and I see some J. Crew jeans, those may be flyer than the $200 jeans I've got on right now. I always look at the quality of it, not the brand. That doesn't matter to me.”

On His Threat To Smack Tyler, The Creator: "I mean, it’s whatever, but not right now. Rocky was chilling with them, so it’s not beef right now. But I’m going to ask [Tyler] about it. I don’t know what will come of it, but if it happens, then it happens. I’m a real ass nigga. I’ll smack anybody. I’m not backing down from it, but that shit is dead now. I wouldn’t even bring it up, because they’re just niggas our age. Rocky is chilling out in Cali right now, he’s with like Jasper and Dolphin and them."

What He's Learned: "You've just got to slow down and know how to perfect your craft."

What's Next: "Look for Marino by the Spring. The fit is different. We stepped it up to some real high-scale shit. My mixtape is dropping by the end of the Spring, and I'll have some visuals drop soon for 'Coke And White Bitches.'"

Final Words: "I don't live a regular lifestyle. I just graduated high school last year. Everybody's in college and I'm just doing my life right now, trying to get it. I want to buy shit for my mom and all that. I'm tired of this regular-ass shit."