A$AP Ty Beats

Real Name: Tyshaun Holloway

Age: 18

Twitter: @ASAP_TyBeats

From: "I'm from Harlem, the same block that Rocky's from: 139th and Lenox."

Known For: Producing "Pe$o"

How He Met A$AP Rocky: "I hit him on Facebook one day and we connected. Ever since then, we've been fucking with each other on the music shit. That's my big brozay. Rocky was in Jersey at the time that I hit him up. The first time I met him was downtown on Canal. He picked me up from the bus. It was him and the person who started A$AP, A$AP Bari. I've been fucking with them ever since."

Role In A$AP: "I'm the little brother. I'm looking up to them. I see how they move. I'm learning off what they're doing. So whenever I'm around them, I'm being attentive, and I'm being observant, and putting it together, and analyzing shit, and trying to grow myself as a person."

Before The Fame: "I would try to occupy my time, but a lot of shit gets boring to me quickly. For a while, I was playing basketball. I was doing regular kid shit. I didn't live too much of an extravagant young life. I was making beats all the time."

Since The Fame: "People be on my dick now, OD. Niggas is hitting me up, bitches is hitting me up. It's mad easy to fuck bitches now. Bad bitches, too."

On Fashion: "I'm going to come clean. We're the flyest niggas out right now. I'm not OD into fashion like Nast or Rocky or Bari, but I try to look into the Alexander Wangs and the Rick Owens. But I was never into clothes."

What He's Learned: "There's way more out there. There's millions and billions of fucking money everywhere, and I want to touch that money."

What's Next: "It sounds crazy as fuck, but I'm trying to build my own college. That shit would be an amazing accomplishment: a young black kid building his own college off of nothing but networking with people."

Final Words: "I want to be rich to the point where I can take care of my family. I don't even want to just make music. I want to be an inventor. I want to originate different shit in technology, archaeology, everything with an 'ology' at the end. I want to make something."