Original Song: The Rolling Stones "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (1965)

Chan Marshall has the dubious distinction of having put on the two worst live concerts by a name artist that this writer ever saw in New York. As I recall, at the Irving Plaza show, she basically sat down on the edge of the stage and refused to sing while her band got ticked off behind her.

And then at the one at the Knitting Factory, which was a claustrophobic and windowless hotbox where people were packed shoulder to shoulder, she kept complaining in this little itty-bitty voice about how cold she was and needed a sweater.

I have never so much wanted to throw my beer bottle in the direction of a stage. Anyway, this tuneless if theoretically torchy (I guess) Stones cover has every bit of the lethargy and audience-contempt exhibited in those shows, except she seemingly drank too much NyQuil first.