Her Mixtape, Don’t Bite, Just Taste

V-Nasty: “We did that mixtape in one day, in Kreayshawn’s living room, with her engineering on Garageband. It was freestyles, all freestyles. I didn’t really take it that serious.

“When I got out of jail, I had a lot of fans asking me, ‘Where’s your music? Where’s your music?’ So I just was like, ‘Fuck this shit. I’m going to go in,’ and I freestyled hella songs.

“I think [I got fans] off of the videos that Kreay had put up before I went to jail. While I was in jail she had put up a dedication video out to me saying, ‘Free V Nasty,’ and she had a Free V Nasty campaign going on. So it was just a lot of stuff that she worked on.”

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