The Roots' first concept LP, Undun, hit the shelves today and ?uestlove was kind enough to give the fans his own breakdown of the band's thirteenth studio album. Pick up Undun now and read all about it below.

song one-dead
song two-dying but dont know im dead yet, oh snap i am dead!!! wahhhhaa!
song three-someone kills me
song four- “got a problem nigga?….what?!?! what??!?!?!?….oh…you better walk away….so anyway yall like i was saying we shou——–
song five-work done. let’s celebrate a lil bit. but just for a lil bit
song six- its a dirty job but somebody has got to do it and a closed mouth dont get fed. even though im haunted by the actions that got me here
song seven- live like an animal. die like an animal. but life goes on.
song eight- am i my brothers keeper? nah dukes. this is a business. sorry. but you had it coming to you.
song nine- i hate being put in this situation, but now i gotta “handle something” and i gotta do what i gotta do. even if that mean an ICU…
song 10- im all business. and unlike these scumbags. im rising outta this mess somehow someway
song 11-14
a) nightfall. time to retire.
b) sleep
c) nightmares haunts
d) prepares for new day and whatever challenges that come forth/abrupt awakening.

this is a rough chart followed (actually we wanted a strict 10 so that way we wont dwell to long telling a narrative twice.

when you get Undun this could be a good cheat chart for you.

we wanted to Tarrintino it so that his death is first and his morning was last.

i was never a lyric guy, for if i was Riq and i woulda been fighting after Organix’s “Im Out Deah”

rich went hardcore on mofos. and im shocked tariq welcomed the coaching. i was amazed he was so open to coaching.

i was like “rich if he “im from the city where”‘s me one more time imma crash this car”

so being as though Rich is the ONE dude that you are glad said “nah that’s wack” and you respect it you go back and redo it. (which leaves me headscratching about Blu’s remarks)

he made sure that every line made sense and they stuck to the script.

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Video: The Roots "Sleep"