Producer: RZA
Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Label: Loud

Part of what made Wu-Tang so great was their willingness to throw raw, unfiltered material out there with no concern for who might catch feelings. The infamous "Torture" skit right before the smash single "Method Man," sounds like you're eavesdropping during a break in recording and happened to catch Mef and Rae engaged in some unscripted, good-ol'-fashioned snapping.

Laughing their asses off all the while, they seem not the least bit worried about delivering their lines perfectly. Which is why it's so perfect. The one-upmanship of outrageous imagery escalataes ridiculously, climaxing with Tical stating, "I'll fuckin' sew your asshole closed and keep feeding you and feeding you...." It's sick as hell and funny as can be—all at the same time.