Album: The Dogs
Producer: Disco Rick
Label: Joey Boy Records


Bass music was better suited to celebratory expressions than weighty topical content, but it had its own quirky way of addressing the issues of the day. Taking a strikingly lighthearted approach to a notably dark topic, Disco Rick and the Dogs' "Crack Rock" spoke, rather coarsely, to that drug's toll on Black families.

While having little children taunt one another about the depths of their mother's addiction ("My mama told somebody that your mama's selling her body for money/But I don't know what that mean") might not have been in very good taste—and Rick's lyrics about seeing your mama "tricking on the Ave" certainly weren't—but the song's unforgettable "Nah-nah-nah-nah, Your mama's on crack rock" chant helped make it an unlikely hit in 1990, truly capturing a moment in time.

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