Album: Pimpin' On Wax
Producer: Christopher "Tricky" Stewart
Label: Priority

The market for Miami Bass had almost completely dried up by 1998 but, as Trick Daddy's thug rap broke nationally, a handful of figures from the scene were able to ride a brief renaissance with more traditional rap records.

By far the most triumphant return belonged to former Poison Clan leader J.T. Money, whose gruff "Who Dat"—an early production of Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, best known today for his work with The-Dream—became the veteran rapper's biggest hit.

While J.T. and his female foil Sole's anti-dickrider raps were nothing too special, the self-professed "Bitch-izer" took a page from the Bass music playbook—and New Orleans slang—turning the song's hook into a frenzied (Ay-ya-ya!) call-and-response session that brought the energy level higher and higher until it swallowed the song whole.

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