Album: Via Satellite From Saturn
Producer: Luther Campbell and Debonaire
Label: Luke Records

Miami hip-hop during the Bass era wasn't all about ass-shaking and car-speaker rattling. Founding Poison Clan member Debonair grew up in Brooklyn and, based on the sound of his group Home Team's album Via Satellite From Saturn, that's where his heart still was.

The LP's cover art depicted Deb Rock and his younger brother/rhyme partner Drugz rocking Jansport backpacks and baggy Guess sweatshirts, while the album boasted songs with titles like "Wild Style" and "Back to the Bronx."

Their Black Sheep-sampling lead single, "Pick It Up," had a sound more suited to Wild Pitch Records than Luke Records, with Deb rattling off Ultramagnetic-style abstractions like "I'm high-tech, i-rect, side effect, faucet" and "Shake it, bake it, assalamualaik it."

The title of their never-released 1994 follow-up, Malignant Graffiti, suggests that the duo was headed even further underground when Luke Records' bankruptcy brought their career to a premature close.