Album: DJ Laz/King of Bass/The Boatlift
Producer: Lazaro Mendez/Lazaro Mendez/Albert Castillo and Rich "DJ Riddler" Pangilinana
Label: Pandisc/Pandisc/TVT

DJ Laz f/ Danny D "Mami El Negro"

DJ Laz "Esa Morena"

Pitbull "The Anthem"

As Miami Bass developed in the 1990s, it naturally grew to take on influences from its vast Latin and Caribbean populace. The person most responsible for realizing this evolution was Cuban-American radio personality Lazaro Mendez, whose pivotal "Mami El Negro" (featuring Boys from the Bottom rapper Danny D on vocals) and "Esa Morena" both sample merengues by Dominican singer Wilfrido Vargas. Those samples have given "Mami El Negro" and "Esa Morena" a longer shelf life than most Bass songs, a fact that was not lost on fellow Cuban, Pitbull, when he combined the lyrics from both to make 2008's "The Anthem."