For all the conversation surrounding Lana's past persona and her aesthetic decisions, it's worth remembering why she got our attention in the first place: "Video Games" is an incredible record. Those grandiose strings and marching-band breakbeats set a shimmering but stripped-down backdrop for the song's most indelible quality, Lana's voice. Capturing a full range of emotions from lust to neglect, her vocals make "Video Games" much more than a narrative about an ex who spent too much time on Xbox. Even though the actual lyrics don't delve far beyond the surface exchanges between Lana and this unnamed guy, the way she delivers lines like, "He holds me in his big arms, drunk and I am seeing stars" makes them feel like a voyeuristic glance into the raw complexities of a doomed relationship. If you listen to "Video Games" and claim that you're not moved, you're lying. Plain and simple.

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