It's become increasingly difficult to find straightforward, quality rock music, but for the second year in a row this Massachusetts collective delivered the goods with their brilliant lo-fi laptop jams. What separates Dom from every other band cranking out distorted records on a budget is their knack for infectious melodies. Even though "Things Change" is significantly less pop-infused than last year's Sun Bronzed Greek Gods standout "Living In America," it's supported by a killer riff and bass line that kept the relatively simple chorus stuck on repeat in our brains. (This free Internet single is better than anything on the band's formal release from 2011, the Family Of Love EP, and it's a shame that it wasn't included.) Dom's calling card is adding a fuzzy glitz to isolation and heartbreak, and "Things Change" has all of that. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the song never wears out its welcome, even as it delves into nostalgia over a lost relationship. As soon as lyrics like, "It feels like a week ago, though it's been such a long time" start to trigger too much contemplation, the whole thing is over—as it should be.