Best Line: “I got a bitch that play in movies, in my jacuzzi/Pussy juicy”
Producer: Diplo, Afrojack, Free School
Album: F.A.M.E.
Label: Jive

Sure, everybody was talking about Busta Rhymes's rapid-fire, high-octane verse; but bar for bar it was Lil Wayne who had the superior contribution to Chris Brown's “Look At Me Now.” While Wayne's delivery is a tad bit slower on the BPM's, he still pulls off an almost flawless verse.

The first :15 seconds are nothing short of spectacular, as Wayne makes everything under the sun rhyme and (somewhat) make sense: nuisance, tunechi, stupid, sushi, 3 stooges, etc. Weezy even takes time to remind us that he's a grown-ass Blood, and gives praise to his Mom, while shouting out his dead Dad. What a son!